Learn to speak business English fluently – quickly!

Angela’s bespoke and practical Business English language tuition is designed to fit you as an individual – providing a knowledge of English that will be appropriate for your personal situation. Angela doesn’t just teach the theory of English, she teaches English in a practical, applied way – how to greet business contacts correctly for example.

Angela is a CELTA (Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) qualified tutor. Her 1-to-1 approach to tuition will allow you to achieve optimum results in a limited period of time.

Click here to view our sample English tuition modules (PDF)

Bespoke and Practical Tuition

After assessing your requirements, Angela will work with you to create a bespoke programme, consisting of modules extracted from her ‘mix and match’ collection (see PDF above), or indeed other bespoke tuition as required. Modules include General English, Business English, Medical English and Legal English.

Angela’s Elocution and Etiquette tuition is the perfect complement to her language tuition – ideal for those who wish to polish up their speaking or presentation skills. Or you may wish to take advantage of Angela’s vast knowledge of English culture, traditions and history – all of which can be combined into fun and practical language tutorials!

Contact Angela…

Contact Angela today to discuss your requirements and arrange your first elocution coaching session:

Mobile +44 (0) 7770 738 977
Telephone +44 (0) 1491 577 068
Email angela@angelaharwood.com
Web www.angelaharwood.com

Tutorials specifically designed to enhance the effectiveness of:

  • Overseas professionals
  • Managers in Business & Commerce
  • Technologists
  • Researchers & Teachers in Academia & Education
  • Diplomats stationed in the UK
  • Staff of International Organisations
  • International Sportsmen & women
  • Actors, Artistes, Authors & Journalists
  • British businessmen and their wives
  • British businesswomen and their husbands

Our aim is always to provide a personalised service tailored to your specific needs and to help you maximise your potential whilst you are in the United Kingdom.

What people say...

“We commissioned Angela to give courses in Ponza (between Rome and Naples)  for Middle and Upper School students taking the Trinity exams, and to provide Adult Education evening classes in General English which included singing, role-play, and lessons showing the British way of life.  We were greatly enthused by Angela’s knowledge, wit and ability to communicate effectively with all of us.”

Professoressa E
Head of Upper School, Ponza, Italy

“Angela Harwood began working at Oxford International College as the Director of The Concord Programme and English Language Tutor since January 2009.

Angela is a highly motivated and energetic tutor and I have nothing but praise for her and the effective and engaging manner in which she works.  She has excellent interpersonal skills which she uses most effectively.  Angela quickly establishes a relaxed and friendly classroom environment.  Her enthusiasm, hard work and drive play an important role in the many successes her students enjoy.  Students on the Concord Programme regularly achieve grade 7 and higher on the IELTS Academic Test.

Angela has demonstrated the capacity to take the initiative and be decisive.  She has proven ability to lead and manage teams both firmly and positively.  She is a strategic thinker who plans for both the short and long term.  Angela has a strong interest in student welfare and ensures good discipline and behaviour are maintained.  She gives freely of her time; her extensive interests and contacts ensure her outings are well researched and fascinating.”

Kim Terrar
Principal, Oxford International College

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