Etiquette Lessons and Cultural Awareness Tuition in Henley and London

To the newcomer, or indeed to those who have lived in England all their life, etiquette can seem like a complex and unintelligible list of do’s and dont’s. And yet good etiquette (or lack of it!) can leave a lasting impression on those we interact with – whether in business, at the formal dining table, or in any of the multitude of social situations with which we are daily presented.

Angela Harwood is an experienced, well respected etiquette coach, with an outstanding knowledge of the do’s and dont’s of English protocol and British culture. Her unstuffy, tailor-made approach encompasses everything from Deportment, Dress Codes, and Afternoon Tea, through to dealing with difficult people in a business setting.

Angela’s etiquette coaching is based around your needs as an individual. We therefore start out by discussing your aspirations and goals – so we can decide the best course of action for you. Expect a practical approach too – whether it’s Afternoon Tea in London, or a visit to a gentleman’s outfitters in Saville Row, Angela’s students learn by experiencing the English way of life!

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What people say...

“Thank you Angela for broadening my horizons with your vast knowledge and expertise. Thank you for improving my conversational skills and now I feel comfortable and able to contribute conversationally at dinner parties.

I also appreciated the very useful tips for giving stress-free dinner parties with hints on what to serve, matched with the correct wine.

I really appreciated the relaxed way you taught me everything about Social Etiquette, and various Elocution techniques. 

You opened many doors for me and now I feel much more confident in handling all matters of Social Etiquette, both in the United Kingdom and internationally.”

Mrs YG, Russia

“Good evening Angela.  I had a wonderful time today.  Thank you so much for organizing everything.  I really love the suit.”

NZ Kazakhstan

“I’ve been really glad to meet you today.  I’ve learnt a lot from you.  Thanks for your understanding, time and effort. And thanks for your treat of the lovely afternoon tea.”

Mr AW, Business Consultant, China

“Thank you so much for your help and support last year.  It was hard for me to adjust to the British way of life, but you helped and guided me so much and I am now much happier than a few months ago.”

Mihoko, D.Phil student

“I really enjoyed Angela’s tutorials and am grateful for her sympathetic approach and help in dealing with a difficult problem.  I particularly enjoyed learning about the Culture and Customs of the UK, Etiquette, visiting the Houses of Parliament and seeing the MPs discussing a Bill on health.”

Mrs O, Eastern Europe (International Businesswoman)

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