Coaching in Elocution

You may be well dressed and well qualified, but are you well spoken? Rightly or wrongly, the way we speak is part of that all-important ‘first impression’ we create.  Being able to speak well also has a huge impact on our ongoing relationships with others.

Clarity, variety, accent, breathing, expressiveness… these are all things which help determine how pleasant or irritating our voice sounds!  Elocution coaching addresses these areas, helping to improve speech clarity, expressiveness and attractiveness.  It can also reduce an unwanted international or local accent.

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How Angela Harwood Works With You

Elocution coaching is based around your needs as an individual.  We therefore start out by discussing your aspirations and goals, and then you may be asked to read a narrative – so we can talk about your voice and decide the best course of action.

Exercises may contain some or all of the following:

  • Vocal Warm-up: This includes vowel and consonant practice and general exercises for lips, tongue and lower jaw.
  • Tongue Twisters: For vocal agility and fun.  A great way to exercise the jaw and facial muscles.
  • Breathing, Relaxation and Posture Exercises: To improve the quality of your voice.  For example, inhaling deeply using your stomach muscles and counting out aloud whilst exhaling.
  • Particular Vocal Exercises: These elocution exercises will address your specific needs in vocal area, clarity, variety, etc.  These will enable you to express yourself articulately with a voice which is original and attractive to the listener.
  • Voice Recognition Technology: ORACY – improve your articulation and ability to express yourself fluently and grammatically in speech

All our elocution coaching is made up essentially of three parts:

  • We work on vowels and consonants – your ‘pronounciation’
  • We work with your voice and breathing
  • We work with your vocal range and expressivity

We use precise stretches, strength exercises and drills to transform tired, flabby speech muscles into athletes!  Be prepared to yawn, chew, pout and stick your tongue out!

The result of all this precise work – clear, impactful, attractive, meaningful speech that gets your message across and presents you at your best.

Contact Angela…

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Elocution: Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my voice dull, flat, thin or tense sounding?

Usually because there is tension in your system.  This can restrict both the original vibrations of the voice and its amplification.

Tension could be in your posture, your breathing system, the alignment of your head and neck, or localized in the throat or mouth.

All these different kinds of tension inhibit full vibration.  Full vibration is what you need for a rich, attractive, healthy sounding voice.

How can I change the sound of my voice?

By uncovering the original, tension-free working of the system.

Using voice ‘mechanics’ we can help your body return to its normal functioning, and the result of this is automatically a fuller, clearer voice.

Why is my speech indistinct or muffled?

This is to do with the speech muscles in the mouth and face which articulate the sounds (vowels and consonants) that make up words.

If these muscles have become used to a restricted range of movement – have become flabby and tense – then they make flabby consonants and tense, thin vowel sounds.

Angela is like a personal trainer for your mouth to bring energy, fitness and suppleness back into your speech.

Can I change my accent?

Yes through RP (Received Pronunciation).  Or improve your diction and clarity of speech.

What people say...

“Thank you for your very informative lesson on English Grammar and Elocution. As always, you are a wonderful teacher and mentor; your lessons have always been transformative. I would like to meet next, for possible interview preparation for my future business/financial career focus. Do stay in touch! You have been a great positive influence in my life and I shall be forever thankful.”

Miss SA
Healthcare Team Leader, London

“It has been a pleasure to be tutored by you and in a short amount of time I have learnt so much. My hope in the future is to become more professional in my career activities. I am very willing to learn. Thank you for all your help and guidance. I would now love to have some Etiquette lessons. It may sound impossible but I would like to cover all the modules – I do not mind how long it takes.”

Mrs DD
Research Co-ordinator, Oxford

“Well the interview I went to today went well and the exam I did also went well. I got an email from them a few hours later saying I had got the job. I got the job because of you, you may have helped me with my speech, but you also helped me with my confidence. Thank you so much, I will be working for Oxford University soon because of you.”

Mrs DD
Medical Administrator, Oxford

“Angela Harwood is an excellent mentor and coach. She quickly sees the core of a problem that her client faces and then adopts a tailor made programme for that individual. During my time with Angela, I not only improved my speaking through rigorous elocution lessons but also worked on a whole set of other skills.

My job preparation including interview skills, research and presentation, were all bolstered by Angela’s focus on the real areas that I needed to work on. I followed her advice ruthlessly and was rewarded with a job offer that I had applied for halfway through our time together. Her advice was decisive. I recommend her to anyone.”

Michael Klimes

“Exhaustive content, simple to comprehend structure clubbed with Angela’s vast experience… the course was extremely effective in fine tuning and aligning my communication with western corporate ethics”

American IT Company, India

“Thank you so much for the Elocution lesson yesterday.  I had the most wonderful time and enjoyed tremendously both learning and meeting you.”

Maria L
MD, Financial firm, Russia

“I was looking for training on presentation and speaking skills. After having the training with Angela, by implementing all the advice and skills I gained, the improvement is clearly noticeable. I would recommend this training to everyone.”

American IT Company, Germany/Hungary

“I spoke to ‘C’, (our French scientist) yesterday – wow! – what a difference already! He has really slowed down and I didn’t have to struggle to understand him. He seems very happy working with you – so thank you so much.”

Learning & Development Manager
Environmental Research Institute, Oxfordshire

Angela is a very nice person and a great teacher. I wanted to improve my English pronunciation and I have very much enjoyed the time spent in the class.

American IT Company, Italy

“Thank you very much for a very interesting and eye-opening first elocution session last Thursday”

Anna N
Russian Businesswoman, Oxfordshire

“I moved to London for a position that involved a lot of communication with British people. I took Angela’s Elocution coaching programme to improve my pronunciation and it has made a difference! And while doing so, I also learned a lot about the British people and culture!”

American IT Company, Mexico

“Angela is tremendously supportive and encouraging. She is an excellent teacher with a superb knowledge in her field. Helpful advice on how to communicate and express oneself using both verbal and non-verbal communication most effectively was provided. She helped me with my pronunciation of letters to improve my public speaking and I have made huge progress within a very short period of time. I would highly recommend her services.”

Jonathan Cornish
Student Teacher

“I am a French speaker and I have been working more than 10 years in the UK as a scientist. Due to increasingly representing my organisation at project meetings and at conferences, most often talking about complex scientific subjects, I started taking lessons in Elocution and Presentation skills in order to be better understood. The benefits started from day one and I had a number of unsolicited comments from colleagues saying I was much easier to understand. I now have a much deeper understanding of the language, including many aspects that are usually not covered at school (abroad) and that are not necessarily easy to pick up by yourself even after years living in the country. I thoroughly recommend Angela Harwood to non-native speakers.”

French Scientist, Oxfordshire

“I am so happy to have found Angela who provided me with so many tips for organising a seminar including the presentation and voice projection skills.  Her suggestions for speakers were truly inspired.”

Mrs K
D.Phil student, Japan

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