A course with Angela Harwood will give you:

  • The key to winning and keeping successful contracts because of the linguistic fluency and social confidence that you wouldn’t otherwise have achieved
  • Increased confidence to enable the development of contacts, and the ability to communicate with them on the right level
  • Acceptance within the potential client’s social environment and being able to interpret certain signals and nuances
  • A better understanding of British culture which will provide many advantages for diplomats and international or British businessmen or businesswomen wishing to enhance their international careers
  • Optimum use of your time whilst in the UK

Location and Timings

  • At  your own premises or arranged by us in Henley or London
  • Dates and timetables negotiated to suit your diary
  • All Programmes are preceded by an initial discussion to assess your needs, offer advice, and ensure clarity of your objectives and confirmation that we can meet them
  • Strict confidentiality is maintained at all times

Contact Angela…

Contact Angela today to discuss your requirements and arrange your first coaching session:

Mobile +44 (0) 7770 738 977
Telephone +44 (0) 1491 577 068
Email angela@angelaharwood.com
Web www.angelaharwood.com

What people say...

“Angela Harwood has been a great teacher: very patient, kind and accurate. I really enjoyed being tutored by her!

Now I have become a university professor. My stay in Oxford and the improvement of the English language I experienced there was outstandingly important for my career.”

Aurelia Ciacchi

“I came to UK in 2006 to start my motorsport career on the path to F1. I could hardly speak any English and it was difficult to communicate with the team and the media.

After a few months having private tuition with Angela my English improved dramatically.  Being very honest I never thought I would enjoy myself learning English, but I really did! She is one of the best teachers I had, that’s for sure.”

Adriano Buzaid

“Without Angela’s active encouragement and specialised tuition for the IELTS exam, her Preparation for Interview skills, and Cultural Awareness, I would not have won a place to read Economics at Oxford University.”

Mr O
Undergraduate, China

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