Elocution and Etiquette Lessons
For Professional Success and Social Acceptance

You may be well dressed and well qualified, but are you well spoken and well mannered?

Rightly or wrongly, the way we speak and act is part of that all-important ‘first impression’ we create. Being able to speak well and act correctly also has a huge impact on our ongoing relationships with others.

Angela Harwood (Countess Postiglione) is an experienced, well respected mentor and coach in the fields of Elocution, Etiquette, Protocol, British Culture and Language Tuition.

Etiquette Lessons

Angela’s Etiquette tuition is tailor-made and may encompass Social, Dining, Business and Communications Etiquette, as well as Cultural Awareness. Angela has a particular interest in working with visitors from overseas, and will show you the most important things you need to know when working in or visiting the United Kingdom. Read more about Etiquette.

Elocution Lessons

Clarity, variety, accent, breathing, expressiveness… these are all things which help determine how pleasant or irritating our voice sounds! Angela’s Elocution coaching is tailored to your needs and aspirations as an individual – whether you are looking to change your accent through RP (Received Pronunciation), or simply improve your diction and clarity of speech. Read more about Elocution.

Business English Tuition

Angela’s Business English tuition is tailored and practical, with a range of ‘mix and match’ modules that will provide a knowledge of English appropriate for your situation, and that perfectly complement Angela’s Etiquette and Elocution lessons. Angela is a CELTA (Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) qualified tutor. Read more about Business English Tuition.


To be an Elegant Gentleman – bespoke visits to a Savile Row Tailor, Shirtmaker, Hatter, and a supplier of Shoes.

To be an Elegant Lady – bespoke visits for Special Outfits, Hats, Shoes and Accessories for any High Society occasion.

Email Angela or phone 07770 738 977 for further information.

Who Would Benefit from Angela’s Tuition?

In today’s global economy, many people find themselves assigned to, or choosing to, work in the United Kingdom. You may be one of them. Whether you are a diplomat, a PhD student about to study in the UK, or a businessman posted to the UK, Angela’s depth of experience & fast-track tuition will help you make the transition to the British way of life with ease. Tailor-made tuition can be arranged for partners and children, to help them adapt to life here in the UK and settle into the local community.

Angela’s tuition is also perfect for British people wishing to gain Professional Success and Social Acceptance.

Total confidentiality is always maintained. Contact Angela today.

What people say...

“I can not thank you enough for all the help you have given me! I can feel a difference in my voice already. Have a great day, and thanks so much again for all the help you have given me, I’m excited to show it all off to people! 

BA, 2nd year University student

“I asked Angela to provide me with a programme consisting of Cultural Awareness, Etiquette, Elocution and Social and Business English.  I found her approach extremely stimulating and refreshingly original.

I particularly enjoyed her portrayal of British life, customs and conventions, and would have no hesitation in recommending Angela to prospective clients.”

Mr K, Russia (Engineer & International Businessman)

“Angela’s English teaching is excellent, but more importantly, so is her sense of humour, professionalism and passion for languages.”

Luke Murgatroyd, Co-Principal, CIE, Oxford

“What a joy to receive your wonderful students last week! The guides were still talking about their politeness, intelligence and musical ability!”

Stuart Craven, Curator/Manager, Arundells, Salisbury

“I really enjoy your teaching – it’s a great chance for me not only to improve my English, but to be able to communicate with such a clever, intelligent and interesting person.  Thank you a lot! You’re my London’s Angel”

Yulia, Russia (Sales Director, Telecommunications Company)

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